Frequently Asked Questions
on Pressure Washing

Nothing! The term is interchangeable. We like to use the term “pressure washing” simply because it uses water pressure to clean surfaces. There is no difference between a “pressure washing” service and a “power washing” service. It just comes down to preference.

Pressure washing, or power washing, uses high-pressure water to clean surfaces. Pressure washing is often utilized on houses to remove dirt, dust, grime, pollution, mildew, from siding and shingles. Pressure washing is also a popular method of cleaning concrete and asphalt, removing mold, dirt, and stubborn chewing gum. Pressure washing is also often used to renew a deck’s appearance. Folks also use pressure washing services to clean roofs.

For most surfaces, 1-3 times per year is recommended to keep the majority of surfaces clean. If you are a business owner with something like a restaurant patio to keep clean, we may recommend pressure washing more often during the busy season to keep your outdoor dining area looking its best.

It certainly can, but only if done incorrectly. You can rest assured that our technicians know their machines and also know the techniques to avoid damaging the surfaces of your home or property. We know how to use our specialized equipment, and our pros have years of experience in determining what kind of water pressure is appropriate for different surfaces in varying conditions. You can rest assured that if you go with us, we will use the utmost care in making sure not to damage any surface we clean.

If you have done a little bit of research and considered renting or buying a pressure washer, odds are you have seen a number of different PSI and GPM values displayed on different equipment. PSI means pounds-per-square-inch, which is a measurement of pressure. This measurement shows the force of the water jet being used to clean a surface. GPM means gallons-per-minute. This figure shows how much water flows through a machine per minute. We know exactly how much pressure is needed for different surfaces, and also we know how to find a balance in GPM in order to be environmentally-friendly while still using enough water to fully clean a surface.

Sorry, we can’t answer this one easily. Every job is different and some jobs may require more time than others. The size of the surface and the amount of dirt generally dictate how long a job takes. Contact us and let us know what you want to accomplish- odds are we can give you a ballpark time estimate after just a few minutes.

This is another frequently asked question that we have trouble answering. Cost depends on lots of factors including the scope of work and the materials that are being cleaned. Obviously, cleaning old wood shingles is a more difficult job than cleaning a stretch of concrete sidewalk. But don’t worry, we are happy to give quotes over the phone. Give us a call!

Yes! We are conscious of our environmental impact. Our machines recover waste water whenever possible. We also only use eco-friendly solutions when pressure washing stained surfaces. We are proud to do our part.

No way! We utilize lower pressure when pressure washing siding and shingles. We have developed a technique with our equipment to ensure that despite the gentleness of low pressure, we still deliver top-notch results.

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no such thing as “zero-maintenance.” The closest you’re going to get is “low-maintenance.” Every outdoor surface is subject to the elements and those surfaces are bound to gather dirt over time. You zero-maintenance siding will definitely look better after a pressure washing treatment from us.

Yes, certainly. Mold and mildew can not only lead to deterioration of many surfaces, but it’s unhealthy! Mold and mildew around your home is unsafe for people with allergies or asthma. Keep your family safe by letting us wash away that mold!

Not with us! We have spent a long time researching the best biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We always try to use solely water when possible, but sometimes stains are so bad that we need to use chemicals. When we do, we make sure to use only the best biodegradable cleaners.

Yes! If your house is not hooked up to a public water supply, we can supply our own water. No need to worry about running your well dry!

No they are not! Anyone can print out some business cards, go out to a hardware store and buy a consumer pressure washer, then call themselves a “professional.” These guys give us a bad name. Commercial pressure washing machines are pricey and have a steep learning curve. You need to choose someone with experience who you can trust. If someone’s main line in their advertising is their low price, you can guarantee that they are cutting corners. Not so with our pressure washing services. We might cost more than the guy with a Home Depot pressure washer and a truck, but our results speak for themselves. Bottom line: you get what you pay for when it comes to bargain pressure washing. Don’t do it!

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