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Looking for Residential Pressure Washing in Southbury CT?


Our Residential Pressure Washing Services helps many Southbury residents with their pressure washing needs. We also work with Property Management Companies and Condominium Associations to help with the upkeep of residential developments and commercial buildings.

Our pricing is competitive and our services are easy to schedule. Give us a call today and see what we can do to help your property!


We offer house washing services for any type of home. We can handle vinyl siding, wood, cement, stucco, brick, stone, and more. If your house is painted, your can count on us to preserve your finish and not damage or chip your paint. It takes a serious care to use these pressure washing machines without damaging older paint, and you can rest assured that our trained professionals know exactly what to do. But if you’re looking for a drainage cleaning service, then we know a drainage cleaning company, Rhino Rooter, which can help!

deck cleaning Southbury, CT

No matter the material, our experts can help clean your deck or porch and make it look like new. We are pros with any type of wood and material, we know how to clean composite decking materials as well. You can trust us with ensuring that your deck or porch will be cleaner than it’s ever been.

Just like other power washing companies, we take extreme care when pressure washing patios. Patios come in all sorts of materials and we know how to handle everything- from cement to stone pavers and everything in between. We are the go-to experts in Southbury when it comes to pressure washing patios.

Fence Washing

Whether it’s wood or vinyl, we can help your whole yard look better by cleaning up the surface of the fencing in your yard. It’s easy and a whole lot simpler than landscaping! Give us a call and we can have that fence looking like new.

roof pressure washing.

We have a special method that utilizes low pressure to wash your roof without causing any damage. We also have the ladders and safety equipment that is necessary for the job. Don’t even think about getting on your roof and doing the job yourself!

Solar Panel Washing

You can make your solar panels more effective by keeping them clean. We can help you save more money on power bills by regularly washing your solar panels, ensuring maximum efficiency year-round.

pressure washing deck and porch.
pressure washing



We don’t want to brag (too much), but we are professionals with professional-grade equipment, and we can get twice the work done in half the time. That means you end up saving time and money with power washing. You have bigger and better things to worry about in life. Similar to drain cleaning, you want to make pressure washing something that you don’t need to worry about. Get it done cheaply and get it done well with Southbury Pressure Washing!


Pressure washing machines are not a toy. They are not glorified water hoses. These machines are capable of creating serious pressure that can seriously injure you. Taking the chance and doing this job on your own is a bad idea. Even if you manage to get the job done safely, chances are you didn’t do a quality job. You aren’t a pro, after all! Even if you are the DIY master, leave it to us, for your property’s sake.

What Our Clients Say

Bruna Lino
Bruna Lino
Prompt and amazing service. Did an excellent job. My house look fresh and clean! I highly recommend this business.
Malu Fitzpatrick
Malu Fitzpatrick
We had our home power washed recently and Marcio from Connecticut Power Washing is amazing. He is the owner and knows what he is doing. He is professional, responsive, and does a great job. I would recommend Connecticut Power Washing to everyone.
Ann Perry
Ann Perry
We have had pressure washing before but this was a wow! House looks great after coming out of pollen season. He did the entire house, driveway, patio, screened in patio, and even the mailbox! Oh and did I mention the windows too? A lot of pressure washing companies out there and we have used a few, but this company was more than a notch above. Professional and took the better, of the day to make sure it was done right. A good reminder that you get what you pay for!! Will be coming back next spring!
Richard Hebert
Richard Hebert
Very Professional and helpful. Awesome communication and follow up. The power washing job on the house and sidewalks and driveway was excellent! My overall experience was great and we will use Connecticut Pressure Washing again next year.

Ready to elevate your property with Connecticut Power Washing?

We take extreme care when pressure washing any part of your property. We know how to handle everything- from cement to stone pavers and everything in between. We are the go-to experts in Connecticut when it comes to residential and commercial pressure washing. Call Connecticut Power Washing today. 

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